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Learning About Creating Baked Goods

Hello, my name is Denise Reed. Welcome. I am here to discuss the preparation process used for the creation of baked goods. Professionals in the baking industry must learn all about the tools and techniques needed to create incredible pastries, pies, cakes and more. They learn how to operate large-scale equipment that allows for the creation of huge batches of delicious desserts. I created this site to explore the baked goods preparation process from beginning to end. I want to show just how bakeries operate to highlight the importance of this industry. Thank you for coming to visit my site.


Learning About Creating Baked Goods

How To Plan The Menu For Your Luncheon

Serenity Dixon

Are you hosting a garden club luncheon? Perhaps it's your turn to have gals from your church group as guests in your home. For whatever reason you are hosting it, from appetizers to croissants, here are some ideas that might help you to plan the menu for your luncheon:

The Appetizers - Think of having appetizers that the gals can eat while they are waiting for everyone to arrive at the luncheon:

  • Think of mixing salty with sweet. For example, have trays of tiny croissants filled with pineapple cream cheese along with tiny cups of chocolate covered almonds. 
  • Another idea for a unique appetizer is to serve chilled soup. Consider chilled avocado or cucumber soup. Serve the soup in demitasse cups so the gals won't be too full for the main course.
  • Chips and dips are always a good choice, too. However, think of offering dips that your guests might not have tried before. For example, think of mixing poppy seed salad dressing with sour cream and serve it with homemade cinnamon chips that you make out of flour tortillas.
  • A cheese spread with fancy crackers is another good idea. Have you ever just covered a block of cream cheese with your favorite jelly? Apple jelly is one good idea, and it would be wonderful with even cheese flavored crackers.

The Main Course - Use croissants!

  • Sandwiches are good, but if you make them with croissants, they're just more elegant. Choose both small ones and large ones that will fit the appetites of your guests.
  • The standby croissant sandwich is often a chicken salad. Think about doing something different with your croissants, though.
  • For example, think of making grilled cheese sandwiches, using two or three different types of cheese.
  • Add fruit to complete your meal. Make your presentation even fancier by putting the fruit into hollowed out halved oranges.

The Dessert - Go with something decadent!

  • Think about having a chocolate fountain and offering things like marshmallows and pretzels with it.
  • If you didn't use croissants for your main course, think about using mini croissants for your dessert. Fill them with things like chocolate-hazelnut spread and bananas.
  • Another idea is to just have fruit with sherbet for your dessert. For example, pineapple sherbet topped with canned crushed pineapple would be delicious.
  • Have a selection of decadent candies in little cups for your dessert. No fuss!

Think of using gorgeous paper plates and napkins. Not only will that make cleanup easier, but you'll be showing the other gals that it's ok to go with paper when it's their turn to host the luncheon.