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Learning About Creating Baked Goods

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Learning About Creating Baked Goods

Little Desserts For A Romantic Dinner

Serenity Dixon

If you're planning a romantic dinner, and you don't feel like getting a big cake, then you have lots of options at the bakery.

If you are planning a romantic dinner, then it's important that you pick out a good dessert. A big cake is going to be a bit too overwhelming. Those are better for a party where there are more than two people in attendance. If you're only serving dinner for two people, then it makes much more sense to choose a dessert that is designed for one or two people. It will work much better with the intimate setting of the night. And, luckily enough, there are lots of options at your local bakery to choose from. Here are a few ideas.


This is one of the most popular pastries in France. It's made with puff pastry and custard. The pastry is baked and then a layer of custard cream is spread between the flaky pastry. The top of the pasty is then glazed with a sugar and chocolate design that is both visually beautiful and delicious. The pastry is cut into small slices and is very delicate. It's not overwhelming and is perfect for a romantic night when you want something delicate. It would also be a great choice for a romantic dinner that is based around a French bistro menu.

Custard Tartlet

If you like the idea of a pie, but don't want to deal with the mess of slicing a big pie, then tiny tartlets are perfect. These are designed for a single person, so you can get two. The tartlet is a small pie shell, and it will be filled with a sweet custard. Most bakeries will then add a topping of glazed fruit. These are super pretty looking, and also not too rich. The combination of the glazed berries and the smooth finish on the custard make for a perfect romantic dessert.

Individual Molten Chocolate Cakes

If you do like the idea of cake, but really don't want to deal with a big cake that will overwhelm the evening, then choose two individual molten cakes. The bakery will have small single serve cakes on display, and oftentimes a molten chocolate cake will be one of the selections. These are rich and luxurious and a perfect choice if you're serving a big, sexy red wine. The chocolate and full bodied red wine is an amazing combo.

So get out there and try those local bakeries! You may be surprised with what you find!